Crystal Healing Workshop For Refinery29 x Adidas


Last week I was given the opportunity to host a Crystal Healing Workshop for Refinery29 & Adidas running club, thanks to Good Zing!

First of all this excited me in so many more ways than one. Crystals! A favourite calling of mine from a young age, a topic I, for so long, felt afraid to openly talk about for fear of others judging me or thinking I was mad. Nonetheless I always felt drawn to them and that didn't stop me from exploring my curiosity further. Now I was going to be giving a talk all about how we can use crystals as a tool for healing, to 40 women I had never met before. Naturally the nerves came kicking in but the excitement took over. 


I was left with feelings of immense gratitude. Gratitude that the shift in our awareness was starting to shed light on not just Nutritional Therapy and Mindfulness but on other modalities of natural healing, especially those of which can be traced back to ancient civilisations, such as vibrational medicine. A category of medicine you can find crystal healing and sound healing under. A category of medicine that quantum physics and metaphysics can help us to better understand.

We spent an hour learning all about how crystals work, attuning to crystals energy, charging and programming our crystals, intuitively picking out crystals to work with us and ended with a beautiful crystal meditation using Amethyst. The energy was beautiful and I would like to take this opportunity again to say: thank you so much to everyone who came down, it was an absolute pleasure and a greater confirmation of a collective shift we are experiencing right now. Thank you Refinery29 & Adidas for having me and thank you Good Zing for the incredible opportunity.


If you are interested in learning more about crystals, I currently hold evening workshops in London where we are each given a set of crystals that work with our main 7 chakras, a sage stick and a natural fibre bag to keep our crystals in, to play around with and take home. We explore all the ways in which we can use crystals as a tool for healing, engaging in practical activities such as cleansing our crystals, programming them and ending with a crystal chakra full body, lying down meditation. For more information or to see upcoming workshops, please see the events page on my website:


Lana Almulla