#MyDailyBlurb - New Year, Old You, Healthy Start!

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As we draw nearer to the end of the year a lot of us begin to reflect on how we can change, on how we can become better but we forget to congratulate ourselves on how well we've already done. We place so many expectations on ourselves and if by the end of the year we haven't met most or some, we get this horrible emotion of not feeling good enough. 

Starting a New year is not about starting a 'New You' as in to say the real you right now is not good enough but it is about remembering who we were before the world told us who we should be. Before we built up our masks and defences through life's hard times and challenges. It is about reconnecting to our true selves before we became so far removed from our innocence, our joy, our vulnerability and nature. 

Every year I find myself travelling back to who I really am and that's partaking in more of what I believe in that is nourishing to myself, to the environment and to everyone around me, understanding that we are all interconnected. We are all one. Without one there is none. Reverting to basics for a more simple, peaceful life, like eating whole fresh foods, getting rid of household toxins and lessening the chemical load in my everyday life. Practicing yoga, seeing family, friends, spending time in nature and with loved ones, not forgetting to play, laugh and not take life so seriously! Living for a purpose and having that purpose make a difference. 

This may be different for all of us and that's one thing we all have in common that connects us: differences, but who were we before the world told us who we should be? And how can we reconnect to our true selves for a stress free, fulfilled, happy, healthy, life? 

Do more of what you Love and Love what you do. Make time for yourself. Be kind to yourselves and only speak words of praise and encouragement to yourselves and others around you even when it all goes wrong. In fact especially when it all goes wrong. Make mistakes, learn from mistakes, don't be afraid of failure, we only fail when we stop trying. It is not how hard we fall that matters but how we pick ourselves back up. Challenge fears and do things you've never done before. Play! make time for play, for laughter, we often forget our playful nature during adulthood. Believe in you and your uniqueness and remember that comparison is the thief of joy. We are capable of whatever we put our minds to and whatever we believe we can do we will. 

Happy New Year! Keep the Love in your hearts shining bright and stay true to yourselves.

Lots of Love,

Lana X