My Latest Blurb with ASOS on Everything Bacteria, Probiotics and Skin!

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Healthy gut, healthy skin! Germophobes, this one's for you:

I've spent many years scrolling up and down ASOS looking at all the pretty little things to buy and a copious amount of time dealing with acne and researching nutrition and skin, so when I was asked to have a chat about bacteria, probiotics and its benefits I was more than just honoured and very excited!

Thank you Annie for inviting me to delve into this topic a little further with you!

"Bad germs aside, there are ‘good bacteria’ out there that are important for maintaining a healthy system. Nutritional therapist Lana Almulla dishes up an explanation: ‘Probiotics are microorganisms (specifically good bacteria) that add great benefits to our health. Our guts are home to all kinds of good and bad bacteria and yeasts. When in balance, these microbes are essential for assisting digestion, urinary health, allergies and our skin.'"

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Taking probiotics are beneficial for every day use. Anything from 10 billion up to 100 billion CFU first thing in the morning, along with a healthy diet, can help maintain your skin and immune system keeping any bad bacterias at bay as well as help in assisting digestion. Good bacteria are necessary to make digestive enzymes which can help tackle bloating. Probiotics are especially necessary for anyone who has taken antibiotics as just one round can completely throw off your guts microbial balance. When good bacteria is killed off, the yeast in your gut begins to thrive and grow with nothing holding it back. An overgrowth of yeast can cause all sorts of ailments such as tiredness, acne, athlete's foot, food intolerances, allergies, headaches, mood swings, depression, itchy skin, rashes and the list goes on!

Favourite brands for everyday probiotics include:

Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete Capsules
Optibac for Every Day Extra Strength
Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care

Always look for a formula that is non-dairy.