Longing for the Perfect Soulmate - The Most Powerful Illusion


 One of the most powerful illusion and therefore greatest distractions on the spiritual journey
is our longing for the perfect soulmate.

Yet, at the same time - when inner freedom is found - 
a relationship with another being can be one of the most profound sources of inner fullfillment and joy.

As long as we have not found our true nature - we project our deepest longing for our true Self onto another being and name this love. In truth we only burden the other with our expectations and images - instead of truely meeting intimately. We will only be able to love another being and see them for who they are - when we awaken to our true nature.

Every other attempt to love - will result in conflict and disharmony - apart from encountering in the honeymoon phase intense but brief moments of bliss - yet these experiences will be fleeting and not last for we are still bound to projections and imaginations. How often did we believe that this is the one - only to be disappointed a short while later for we realised that the other is not willing to fulfill our dreams.

In order to live in a deeply satisfying relationship - we first have to find our true self.

Then we are able to meet in our human as well as in our divine aspects and love flows freely

Our longing has finally ceased and we understand that in truth we were longing all the way long for ourselves.

When we are falling in love - our true nature gets momentarily unveiled and we are able to see the beauty of our own immortal Self and the Self of our beloved.

Yet we are unable to remain in this magic land of love because too many layers of conditioning keep us veiled from love - so these meetings are brief and the experience of love remains unstable.

Only the enlightened ones know love
for they know who they are
they are love

they dont need love
nor do they long for love

love only sees love
in everything and everyone
for that is who we are

so every meeting
is a meeting
in love
as love

- Mirjam Temba