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Introducing: #mydailyblurb

I think a lot. And sometimes when I think a lot I write a lot and when they're not articles they are just thoughts, expressing themselves on paper. Life has so far been an incredible journey. Everyday has given me something new to learn and whilst I go through some of these lessons with myself (usually first thing in the morning whilst making my bed or jumping in the shower, or last thing at night before falling asleep) I have decided to start writing them down, publicly, to share, with all of you as #mydailyblurb. Sort of like an online diary. Some may be personal, some may be mind opening, some could be encouraging or motivating or just something silly to laugh at. Either way you can get involved by hashtagging #mydailyblurb on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

This gives me a chance to see your thoughts and stories too or you can also share anything you'd like to say in the comment box below.

With your help we can create a community that can help connect us through our thoughts. Especially for those who like to think a lot!

"A connection is the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship." - Brene Brown

Connection is one of the most basic human needs. It helps us feel worthy and loveable and more importantly not alone.

Here it goes. This one was written during a mid-day time out, on my bed.

"Can you remember who were you before the world told you who you should be?" - Danielle LaPorte

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman or a man, comfortable in his or her own skin. 

Accepting all our flaws and differences might seem difficult in today's society where highly photoshopped images substitute reality. 

Learning to love yourself is not striving for perfection. It is accepting your imperfections. Recognising that we are not cut out from a magazine centrefold or a giant billboard but that we are all HUMAN. Made up of so many atoms, molecules and energy. We come in different shapes and sizes, we have different hair, different skin, different features. All of what makes us unique to us but all of what connects us together because the one thing we all have in common is that we are all: different. Right down to our genetics. There are no two people the same. Not even identical twins. 

Comparison is the thief of joy. Yet we constantly compare ourselves to what we believe is better or more beautiful leaving us to feel not good enough. We constantly strive to be what everyone wants us to be and in the process we actually forget about ourselves. It's time to give back to us a little. It's time to put ourselves first. 

Eradicate any negativity around you. This might mean cutting off certain friends/family/people. Recognise the friends that fuel you and let go of the ones who deplete you. Fill that room with more time for you and the people who love you. 

Nurture yourself. Take care of your body like you would take care of your child. You would only want to feed and care for your child in the best way possible. Do the same for you. Plenty of water and good nutrition. 

Make a list of activities you love: watching movies, going for a cycle, taking a walk, having a bath, doing yoga, hanging with friends, reading a book, being in nature. Aim to do at least 5 of these a day. Remember that even the little things count!: giving a hug, smiling at a stranger, putting on your favourite socks, stepping outside for some fresh air. 

Aloneness doesn't equal loneliness. The best relationship you'll have is the one you have with yourself. Make room for alone time. Learning to love your alone time is learning to love yourself. It is in our alone time that we can completely tend to ourselves and recoup. Switch off from social media, run a bath and get into bed with your favourite book or movie.

Find your purpose. What is it that you really dream of doing in life? If you haven't found what it is yet don't be afraid to start experimenting! Release the niggling voice in your head that will question you with "what's the point?" or tell you "it's too late" and that you are "not able". Believe in yourself. Know that nothing is impossible. Our greatest inspirations all started somewhere. If you already work, practice all that you do with love and learn what you can. Let each day open up new opportunities, lessons and possibilities. If you're unhappy in your work, don't be scared to make changes. In the end our only regret is not the things we did, but all the things we didn't do. 

Recognise and let go of fear. In life we can be stuck in either fear or love. Fight through your boundaries of fear and catapult yourself into every possibility, the universe is always there to catch you. A good gut feeling is your guidance a bad gut feeling could be fear based. Differentiate from what is bad for you and what you might just be scared of. Break free from your comfort zone. Aim to do one thing everyday that scares you. Life happens and grows outside your comfort zone. 

Dream BIG. Imagination is greater than knowledge. Even Einstein said it. Visualisation is a powerful tool. Our realities are created through our manifestations, our thoughts, our ideas. Daydream, write ideas down, let your imagination become your own inspiration. Know your true potential. We are humans. One of the most complexed animals in our environment. We have the ability to make a big difference. However we want to make a difference. Don't look for validation.

Only you can stop you, you have all the answers and you have what it takes.