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Women's Mantra Transmission and Meditation Circle with Shahida


Tickets: £35

This is a powerful Women’s Mantra Meditation Transmission Circle in which we gather together and Meditate working with Mantra's and using a specific method.
This enables the possibility for those attending to have the deepest most profound experiences.

Working with Mantra’s as a method of Meditation does not need us to be able to "concentrate", by singing Mantra’s we are using Ancient Codes which hold a certain vibration, this vibration moves through our body and thoughts and is capable of transforming sadness into joy therefore healing. Through working in this way we are purifying our consciousness, thoughts, feelings and bodies enabling and making space for us to Awaken.

I came to this beautiful work having practised yoga for 20yrs (and having focussed on my own healing) at a point and during an intensity where I could no longer work without the support of a teacher who understood both Awakening and Kundalini.

To actually Awaken, to transform, to become more Conscious, to bring more beauty, more love, more joy to the world through our words, through our actions, through supporting each other and by consistently working with these higher states of consciousness so that we can ‘do the work’ we need to do to fulfil our highest potential, in this lifetime…is very close to my heart.

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