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Power of Love - Weekend Immersion, with Adriana Rizzolo

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Embody your true nature, Meditation, Movement, Mantra

A transformational weekend urban retreat at LifeSpace Healing

+ Participants can attend individual sessions for a taste and if you want a deep dive urban retreat weekend take all 4, first and last sessions will include tantric healing ceremony for trauma and a body love ritual. No yoga or meditation experience required.

Whole weekend Immersion £120

Individual sessions £40

Each of Adriana’s deeply healing events are unique opportunities to transform your reality through the vibration of love. Join Adriana for a weekend immersion and initiation into the Power of Love Healing Meditation.

The foundation of healing in this space is to take your broken-ness and suffering as a calling you to go deeper on your path as a healer, teacher, student, parent and seeker. As a servant of Love in this world with unique gifts to give.

This weekend will include Power of Love Healing Movement, Meditation and Yoga, sacred sexuality, voice, inner yoga and embodiment practices, kirtan and mantra work, breath-work and restorative, partner and group work, ceremony and ritual, contemplative writing and sharing. You will leave with the tools and skills to inhabit a new level of Love in your life, making space for MAGIC and authentic happiness to flourish.

With a lot of fun and depth work, you will open doors that have been stuck and open to a deeper layer and level of your souls purpose and passions. Open to all ready and willing to do the work gently and effectively and share their gifts with the world in a greater way. No previous experience is required. Workshops can be taken all together as training or separately.

Great for anyone wanting to digest and embody their spiritual experiences, make life changes, work with grief, depression and stuck-ness, shame, blame, guilt and intimacy issues, teachers and healers ready to open to receiving greater abundance and love on this feminine path.

Open to all who want to deepen their intimacy with life, hone their skills as a creative being and get support in walking the wild path of Love.

Healing the Feminine (open to all)


Saturday 14th 11am - 2pm

In this workshop we will focus on embracing the wild feminine and her ways within you and in your life. Goddess Lakshmi, bringing light to abundance while addressing the shadows of addiction and unworthiness.

Unleashing the Voice Kirtan and Mantra - Opening to Love


Saturday 14th 3pm - 6pm

We will uncover the mystery of sacred sound, explore the basics of Bhakti Yoga and take your voice to a whole new level of openness, vulnerability and authenticity.

Sacred Sexuality - Healing Shame, Blame and Guilt


Sunday 15th 11am-1pm

We will explore ways to process and heal past experiences and open to what is alive and current in your desire while expanding the capacity to receive. Intro into tantric meditation, learning energetic boundaries for protection and blossoming in your holy wholeness.

Embracing the Ego – Embodied Intimacy


Sunday 15th 2pm-6pm

We will practice, welcome and uplift all aspects of your personality in service to the luminous soul within you. In this module we will create a vision that includes your hearts desires.

Adriana Rizzolo is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, kirtan leader, and facilitator of healing circles and ceremonies. She is a guide on the spiritual path of the authentic heart, illuminating the power of choosing love above all else as the way to transform hardship into spiritual growth. Adriana helps people from all walks of life experience their innate worth, unspeakable beauty, hidden gifts and sacred power through the authentic sharing of yoga practices not tainted by our societies limited social constructs and prejudices. She has a never ending curiosity about people, and loves to help them build a bridge back to the nature world in relationship, both within and with the Earth and others. Many years of study in Kashmir Shaivism and Vedantic yoga philosophy, along with esoteric astrology and embodiment work, her work tends to pull out creative impulse and long lost energy and she helps people reclaim their desire, passion and purpose in life. She has healed from addiction and moved through a lot with the Power of Love, and now shares that energy with others on retreats and in trainings worldwide. She has a new and blossoming project with some friends in India called Love Seva, that is devoted to bringing healing and therapy to those in need and outcasted. Learn more and connect with Adriana at and on Instagram @artofloving.

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