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Shamanic Journeying with Eddy Elsey

Eddy is a Shamanic Practitioner who run’s Men’s Circles around the Capital. His passion for delving into and understanding the complete spectrum of Masculinity pushed him to form these groups as a way to connect with other Men who had like minded ideas.

Each group focuses around a topic, and by using ancient Shamanic techniques we strive to combine the old ways with the new. On this journey, we discover new ways to integrate the beneficial and healthy aspects of our own Masculinity - so that we can learn how to be of best service to ourselves and others. This Group is community led, with the aim of creating a new tribe of Masculinity that we can all be proud of - reminding ourselves that there is so much beauty and positivity that Mankind can offer.

We will undertake different rituals and some exercises may be testing, but we will do them as a tribe. This is a chance to reclaim everything about Masculinity that we were not taught. The group will re-connect you with your own Masculine allies that you can look to for Spiritual guidance - which you can then trust to assist you in navigating your daily decisions. This is about acceptance, understanding, compassion and developing an unshakable core of inner strength so that you can shine your gifts out into the world.