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Revealing Masks for Connection & Intimacy with Natalie and Maya


Ticket Price

Early Bird: £55

On the week: £65

~ A journey deep within yourself~

Join us for a 4 hour transformational workshop to:
- raise your awareness of unconscious patterns
- discover the masks you wear and how to release them
- learn how to improve the quality of connection and intimacy in your life

As human beings, the quality of connection we have to ourselves holds the key to our fulfilment and alignment to what we truly desire.

Since we are relational beings, from birth we are dependant on our families for love and connection.
We then learn in school, work, the societies and culture we grew up in, that some aspects of ourselves are welcome, usually seen as ‘good’ (being well behaved, smart, happy, controlled) and others, usually seen as ‘bad’ (anger, sadness, jealous, expressive) are not.

And so, to keep the image of, successful, intelligent, beautiful, strong, confident, loveable, ‘together human beings’, and play the ‘persona’ we have created for ourselves, we hide and disconnect from the aspects which are not like that.

**Have you been trying to keep up an image? **

We often unknowingly reject our sensitivity, emotions, intuition, wildness, sexuality and vulnerability, and project an image to the world, a MASK, that covers the depth and truth of our hearts.
When we hide we block love to flow into those aspects of ourselves, and create separation with the world around us. Showing ourselves fully, as raw as it is, is the most important for deep connection and intimacy.

- Are you ready to love and accept it all?
- Are you ready to reclaim your power, dormant behind the fear of showing your true self?
- How does the idea of deep connections and intimacy feel? Is - this is what you are truly longing for?

Join Maya Magdalena and Natalie Louisa, together with a new tribe of conscious, committed people who are willing to grow. You will be fully supported and guided to dive deep, expand yourself and reclaim your power, so you can live the full expression of your Soul.

A taste of what’s included:
- A safe and loving space
- Group Activity and Heart Connections
- Bio-dynamic Movement
- An awareness of how to hold yourselves in vulnerability
- Activities to discover & release your masks
- Tools to release emotions and shame
- Awakening of deep connection to yourself and others
- Guided Theta Healing™ Integration Meditation.
- Heart Centred Closing Ceremony
*activities may be subject to change based on the dynamic/ flow of the group.

Maya & Natalie would love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to see if the workshops/facilitators are a good match to you :)

Please call or Whatsapp:
Maya +34608115862, or
Natalie +44(0)7850259448.

Limited spaces, so book soon:
*Early Bird: £55
*Week of: £65

~ Extra Information about MASKS:
Often our subconscious is so strong that we don’t even realise we are wearing the masks.
So when we hide aspects of ourselves from others, we deem it ‘shameful’ ‘unlovable’ or/and ‘unworthy’, and we are simultaneously hiding those aspects from ourselves. In that hiding, we become blind to our own authentic wants, desires, needs and intuition which then misinform our choices. This can shows up in parts of our lives being out of alignment, relationships we aren’t happy with, sex we don’t want to have, jobs we dislike, drugs we don’t want to take… the list can go on.

The internal disconnection can manifest as mental or physical dis-ease and effect our whole wellbeing/ course of our lives.

Only you know what is best for you, but first you have to connect deeply with yourself - you need to be able to tune in, in every moment and know what is it you really want from life. Because it’s usually, behind the vulnerability of “bad” emotions are hidden the greatest gifts - insights, healing, power, unconditional love, wholeness - the metaphorical treasures of our souls.

**Please note, there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing masks, we all do it.
The purpose of this workshop is raise your awareness of what masks you are wearing and whether or not they are serving your deepest truths. So you have the power to CHOOSE, choose the work, the relationships, the life you truly desire and bring out the full expression of yourselves.

About your Guides:
~ Maya Magdalena is a truth seeker who has been traveling the globe and serving love. She is passionate about magick, shamanism and ancient wisdom passed down through Mystery Schools. Her mission is to assist all on our journey into Oneness.

Certified Theta Healing™ Therapist, Planetary grid worker, Temple Creatrix, Priestess under training and student of International School of Temple Arts. She specialises in 1-1 sessions in Theta Healing™ and re-programming the subconscious mind, with the intention of guiding her clients back to connection with their Souls, to align with their life purpose and support them on the path of transformation.
She has a broad experience working with plant medicines; self- initiating and assisting shamanic ceremonies.

~ Natalie curates transformational workshops, retreats and events to guide seekers, lovers and rebels into greater connection with themselves, each other and their purpose here on earth.

Co-founder of Rosemary Dream Empowerment Centre (Brazil), Certified Yoga Teacher, Ecstatic Dance Practitioner, student and assistant to the International School of Temple Arts (Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Trainings L1, L2). Natalie is also part of the facilitators team for the Women Who See In The Dark global movement and draws much of her inspiration from her time during shamanic ceremonies and initiations in Central & South America.

~ Natalie & Maya - great friends & Soul Sisters - are very excited to bring this co-creation to the City of London.
We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you! ♥

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