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Pregnancy Loss Circle with Amy Mabin

Event description:

The circle is open to women who have experienced loss of any kind related to pregnancy and birth – miscarriage, termination, still births.

Pregnancy loss is so common, yet very few women feel like they can talk about their experience because of the stigma around miscarriage, abortions and even death, that keeps many women trapped in confusion and shame. This is an opportunity to share space and connect with other women who have been through this loss, in an attempt to begin to release the emotional burden and feel more empowered in our bodies and lives.

The body, life and the world can feel very unsafe after experiencing this kind of loss. If this resonates with you or someone you know and you feel called to honour your experience in your own personal way within a nourishing and safe container, please join us.

About Amy:

Amy is a qualified holistic therapist and yoga teacher. She has been on a journey of self-discovery and healing since ending up in rehabilitation in 2007 for addiction and depression. Her life since has been a commitment to inspiring transformation through empowered movement and holistic health.

In her women's work, Amy incorporates the principles of yoga and somatic therapy to help facilitate safe and embodied sharing and connection. Her personal experiences of loss and training as an embodiment practitioner and counsellor, inform this very important offering.

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