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Masculinity Workshop with Eddy Elsey

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A Saturday Workshop centred around Masculinity. This will be open to anybody interested in exploring their Masculine side - Men and Women.

In this Workshop we will begin to understand :

The four archetypes of Masculinity as made popular by seminal author Robert Moore.

The ideas behind, causes and results of Toxic Masculinity.

How past trauma can lead to unyielding belief systems and habitual patterns.

What can be done to reclaim the positive, constructive and beautiful elements of Masculinity

We will undertake :

Guided Meditations to put you in touch with your Masculinity in both its Fullness and its Shadow

Sacred Projection Rituals

Reclamation Exercise

The Workshop will run from 11-5pm.

Whether you are looking to understand more about what the Masculine energy contains, how to assist the Men in your life, or how to access the beautiful gifts of Masculinity - come and be part of this wonderful movement.

About Eddy Elsey:

Eddy is a Shamanic Practitioner from London and founder of Street Spirituality. Through his understanding and deep knowledge of Shamanic practices and how they can be integrated into the modern world, he believes that it is a merging of the Ancient and the new that will now help society push forward into greater awareness of the self. Also trained in Yoga, Tantra and Reiki, Eddy brings the elements of calm and love from these practices into the more tribal tradition of Shamanism. Through the use of Shamanic techniques, we can form direct relationships with our own spiritual allies and aspects of ourselves that can guide us to a higher consciousness. It is through the tried and tested, millennia old, use of Shamanic practice that we can begin to heal that which we have been told we cannot. Eddy also runs Men’s Groups throughout London, focussing on remembering the beautiful and potent traits of Masculinity through ritual, conversation and community.

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