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Womens Circle X The Goddess Space

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Join us as we gather in a safe + sacred space for an afternoon of journeying, magik + ritual.

Calling back the ancient ways as we sit in circle, connecting to the power of the Women's Circle as we flow into the deep energy of the feminine.

Into the circle we will release and let go of all that's no longer serving us, we will come together in sisterhood, we will remember our dreams and visions and we will set new intentions together within this powerful portal we will create together.

"Step into the Women’s circle and you shall know its secrets.
Become the Women’s circle and you shall hold its Magik"


The Goddess Space was birthed by Anoushka Florence in 2015.

Seeking to create beautiful sacred spaces to support, hold, and empower Women; she began hosting small Women's circles in her living room.

Her work is based on ancient spiritual feminine practices that are grounded in the belief + knowing that the power to heal, to manifest + to live the life we dream to live comes from within.

We all have the Magik inside of us, we just need to remember.

Anoushka now offers One-to-one spirit sessions, nomadic Women's Circles and tailored Pop-up events, Private ritual gatherings including bridal + baby blessings.

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