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Find your flow: A morning of Astrology for eclipse season, with Nymph of Neptune



We are moving through some of the most transformative astrology of 2019 as July brings us two potent eclipses in the opposing signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Join personal astrologer Nymph of Neptune as she unveils the meaning behind our current astrological climate.

With several planets retrograde the energy has slowed down in certain areas of our lives, and accelerated in others due to the eclipses. We have reached the peak of a cycle that began many months ago. The energy has been working silently beneath the surface. We are being asked to harmonise our inner masculine with our feminine. How do we use our power and authority? Where are we being pushed to open our hearts and bring more compassion into our daily lives? What does Joy look like to you? . These questions and many more will be used to explore how to work with the archetypes of Cancer and Capricorn so we can transform through 2019 and break into a more joyful, expansive version of ourselves. Summer is always a time of ripeness, overflow and abundance in the natural world. This summer the gardening work we are doing on our souls is beautiful, for some of us painful, and very revealing. It is making way for the second half of 2019 so we can be the best, most balanced version of ourselves. .

Come join the conversation and leave with practical and theoretical ideas about how to level-up and open a new chapter on your personal journey.

Nymph of Neptune is a personal astrologer who works closely with clients to decipher the astrological wisdom of their birth chart. Through discussing the relationship between planetary bodies at the time of birth, she helps to uncover areas of untapped talent, identify behavioural patterns, and help you breakthrough soul path blockages through practical methods. Visualisation, writing and dusting off your subconscious desires are at the core of her working style. Nymph of Neptune came to astrology after a traumatic break-up in 2012 that left her looking for answers. She fell down the rabbit hole of astrology and discovered a wondrous world of hidden meanings in the planetary bodies we take for granted. Her aim is to spread her love of astrology to empower others to express the truest version of their soul.

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