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Empowering Women's Circles - Be the Woman You Needed as a Girl

Join Maria, Hina and Petra for this empowering Women's circle.

Be the women you needed as a girl

How would you treat yourself if you were someone you loved? The theme for our next Empowering Women's Circle, is Parenting Ourselves. We will be focusing on bringing our inner child and our inner parent into harmony, to become a women who we needed when we were girls, and realise we are the ones we have been looking for.

A circle of women is an opportunity to be loved and held in a way that only women can provide. There is something magical about a circle. Geometrically it encompasses more space than any other shape. Within it, one sets out on a journey and returns having never left her seat. Whenever we engage in an act of ritual that has been shared throughout time, we are the beneficiary of all the goodness that has come from it. The circle, in and of itself, is imbued with lifetimes of profound wisdom.


This is for you if you would like the opportunity to both listen to and be heard by other women, and to experience the benefits that comes from working in an intimate group context. The circle is an antidote to modern lifestyles where we have become increasingly isolated, addicted to technology, and disconnected from our body, sense of self and each other. Meeting in this sacred way can restore clarity, social intimacy and improve one’s sense of wellbeing, as well as help alleviate anxiety and stress.


* Clearing your aura – using sage or palo santo, sound, movement and meditation.

* Chanting and Mantra – Helping you clear your throat chakra, fine tuning your voice and vibration.

* Embodied Movement – Release and invite in

* Sound Bath – A journey taking you deeper within to find answers, peace and space.

* Sharing Circle – An opportunity to share your story. Letting yourself be seen, heard and held. Giving and receiving support in a safe, non-judgmental space. Here you may be yourself and honoured for it.

* Social – The last hour is a space where you may continue processing your experience in silence or connect with the other women over a cup of herbal tea and healthy snacks.


- Connection
- Alignment
- Relaxation
- Balance
- Calm
- Clarity
- Focus
- Direction
- Certainty
- Safety
- Love


You will need to avoid caffeine on the day. We also recommend you to follow a fairly simple and alkaline focused diet the day before, and on the day of the ceremony (including avoiding alcohol).

You’ll also need to arrange a quiet, gentle evening for after the event as symptoms of physical and emotional detoxification can arise unique to each individual.


Bring comfortable, warm clothing, note pad/pen and water.

Investment: £33

(What is shared or spoken in this event is done in a sacred manner. We wish that people listen without judgment or criticism. We invite you to listen whole heartedly to what each woman has to say, holding her in support and compassion, receiving her in wholeness).