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Conscious Connections with Mia Ganda

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In this immersive workshop we will come together to explore presence and emotional connection in place of intellectual exchange, to facilitate wellbeing that is deep, sustainable and expansive. Together in a safe space, we will learn what emotional intimacy means and practice how to enter a conscious connection. We will soften into ourselves first and remove barriers holding us back to intimately connect to another. This will allow us to recognize ourselves in the other and reignite the deep connection that might have been forgotten but has been there all along. By practicing vulnerability and accessing the tender places that allow us to reveal our true selves we awaken a deepened sense of belonging, confidence and healing.

Mia is a conscious living practitioner and intimacy shaman. She dedicates her work to intimate connection. Mia is relentlessly committed to authenticity and passionate about supporting clients in aligning their inner truths with their outer environments. Her empathic way of being helps clients to let their guards down; combined with an unwillingness to leave her work unfinished you will create results that are transformational and lasting.

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