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Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing with Full Moon Himalayan Singing Bowls with Francesca Secolonovo


Early Bird £35

On week £40

A time to share and tap into what is true to your heart and allow yourself to be guided and held while you fall deeply into your heart space. Celebrating World Chocolate day using ceremonial grade Cacao a Sacred plant medicine used by the Mayans and Aztecs, surrendering to powerful vibrational healing with Full Moon Singing Bowls... and doing it together.
What to expect in this gathering:

☾ Sharing Circle ☽
☾ Cacao Ceremony☽
☾ Guided Meditation ☽
☾ Sound Healing with Full Moon Singing Bowls ☽

Its a time to come together - BE - connect
Lets create some magic together.

HEALTH NOTE: This is not suitable for Epilepsy sufferers OR anyone on anti depressants.

Francesca has always been curious about the mysteries of the unknown, ancient methods of our ancestors and all things holistic living.
Deep transformational shifts began when she traveled across to South East Asia at the end of 2017 while grieving from the death of someone dear. Traveling for 6-month solo led her towards the practice of yoga, Vipassana and lastly ancient practice of Sound Healing. Experiencing first hand the powerful healing we are able to receive in stillness.
The ancient practice of Sound Healing highlights the many benefits we are able to experience simply by slowing down. The importance to give ourselves the time to simply be and feel without judgment or expectation.
Francesca holds a safe and sacred space for you to simply BE, feel, dive deeper into self-exploration, healing and transformation.

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