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Cacao and Heart Song Ceremony

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Celebrate the weekend, by dropping deeply into the medicine of your heart, singing sacred chants & connecting in community.

Join Octavia & Hana for an evening of devotional song & ceremonial Cacao.

You are invited to enter this safe container where all voices are welcome! Come, as you are. Curious beginner or passionate singer! Together we will open our hearts, unite our voices through the alchemy of sound, song, ceremony & celebration. If singing is your edge, this is an opportunity to feel safe and have fun in the exploration of your expression. When we come together in community, our voices support one another and we lift each other higher by giving ourselves permission to express and release all we are feeling and all we have been holding. We will open our ceremony and set our intentions, welcoming the vibrations of sound to move through us and help us shift anything we want to let go of. Complemented with the magical medicinal of ceremonial grade Cacao, from the devotional lands of Bali, we will then sing a collection of sacred songs from around the world as a prayer and expression of devotion to what is greater than us all.

~ Arrival 6.30 pm
~ Cacao Ceremony 7.00 pm

Octavia is a breathwork & meditation teacher and personal coach. She empowers people to find their purpose, shine their light and share their unique gifts with the world. She offers 1:1 breathwork and guidance sessions, leads heart led workshops that create safe spaces for people to heal and awaken to their power.


Hana is a facilitator for the Psychedelic Society. She holds therapeutic personal development retreats in Netherlands & heart opening cacao ceremonies in London.
Hana creates a safe container of unconditional love for others to feel seen, heard and share themselves vulnerably. She is passionate about empowering people to follow their hearts and unlock their creative self-expression through the power of sound, song & ceremony.

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