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Kundalini, Cacao, Intuitive Movement, Voice + Gong Bath afternoon Retreat with Katy Dron

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Together we will release, restore and explore with the vessel of the body to reach states of inner freedom and bliss through the eternal witness. Join us on the 21st July for an afternoon of Kundalini Yoga, intuitive movement and voice work followed by a nurturing gong bath, supported by nature's greatest love potion – cacao. Held by experienced facilitators Katy Dron and Anna Haber, women dedicated to their paths with a shared vision of opening spaces of unconditional acceptance whereby our innermost nature can bloom in a tangible authenticity. The combined modalities of Kundalini, movement, voice and sound are a potent alchemy to initiate deep states of expansion, connection and gratitude. Let's take another step into our infinite potential.

Katy works with sound intuitively and with deep devotion, with the goal of a sound bath as simply to be with all that is, as it comes, stepping into a space of unconditional acceptance. A multi-faceted healer, Katy works primarily with sound and has been running sound baths for the past 4 years, after 3 years of self directed study. Fascinated by the vastness of potential sound healing embodies, her work is constantly evolving, sounding for a broad spectrum of people, anyone and everyone can experience a sound bath, even blind people, as music is a resonant space that is a universal language of it's own transcending words.

“I believe intention to be the most powerful way to make a change, my intention is for unconditional acceptance, whereby we can flourish naturally into the best that we can be. Sound amplifies intention through vibration, and it is in this resonance that we can experience deeper levels of embodiment”

For Anna, Kundalini yoga is an opportunity that allows people a direct experience of moving from their minds to their hearts, from here our consciousness expands so that we may live within wider horizons of being and living in embodied truth. Kundalini gives an experience of uniting the finite self with the infinite, with this we don’t need to look for security outside of ourselves; security emerges from knowing yourself in relation to the universe.
Training with renowned teachers Harijiwan and Gurujas of the Grammy award winning Mantra band White Sun in LA, the transformational potency, depth and purity of Kundalini yoga continues to astound Anna, standing as witness to the inner revolution it proposes to all who walk it's path, bringing to light inner power, strengthening the nervous system, balancing the glandular system and bringing much needed harmony to the mind, body and soul.
Anna brings her wealth of experience and empathy to the space she holds, her authenticity and generosity is tangible, enabling participants to open into deep truths, so we may all be living embodiments of aspects of our nature we have forgotten.

It is advised to eat 2 hours before, foods that provide a slow energy release throughout the day, as we will not be stopping for lunch to receive the greatest benefits. There will be fresh fruits available and tea throughout the day and a self-love potion ceremonial grade cacao will be served.

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