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Exploring Connectedness through Voicework with Katy Dron



The world is yearning for a deeper connectedness, we all long to be able to say the things that truly matter to us. This workshop will be an exploration of inner liberation through the voice and the impact of releasing vocally, yet non verbally, within our inner experience.

“Our connection to the other is a direct mirror to our connection within ourselves, the more connected we are to our inner experience and open we are to all avenues of self, so too we open paths in our perceived reality.”

By expressing that which we cannot brings words to, we rise into a remembrance of a more primal space, beyond the bindings of language – as beautiful as words are, there is a special, cleansing magic that emerges when we step into the pure voice; Stripping away conditioning of mind, an opportunity to expand further into an embodiment of self and truth. Exploring love beyond words through voice.

“Singing ability is irrelevant when it comes to work like this, in fact many of my clients walk away after a session surprised at the beauty of what they have voiced when fully surrendered to it. So often I hear the words 'I'm absolutely tone deaf!' and it just doesn't matter anymore when we are in a voicing circle. This work is about liberation, not achievement.

Katy works with sound intuitively and with deep devotion, with the goal of a sound bath as simply to be with all that is, as it comes, stepping into a space of unconditional acceptance. A multi-faceted healer, Katy works primarily with sound and has been running sound baths for the past 4 years, after 3 years of self directed study. Fascinated by the vastness of potential sound healing embodies, her work is constantly evolving, sounding for a broad spectrum of people, anyone and everyone can experience a sound as music is a resonant space that is a universal language of it's own transcending words.

Quotes by Katy.

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