Serene xefos

Saudi Arabia

Nutritional Therapy

"I came to Lana between baby 1 and 2 and have been hooked ever since, sending everyone I know. She approached my issues - anxiety, difficulty sleeping, bloating and general stomach discomforts - by looking at me, my lifestyle and my diet as a whole. She suggested small lifestyle changes I could make and recommended supplements. I felt like a totally different person. I've tried everything under the sun to kill the bloating, nothing ever worked until I implemented everything I took from Lana. I went back to Lana when I was feeling absolutely knackered in my second pregnancy and again, by giving me totally different prenatal vitamins and 2 other supplements as well as suggesting smoothies for that punch of nutrients and easy impact on my digestion through the nausea, I sorted so much that I was able to keep up with my toddler for the rest of my pregnancy. Lana eats, lives and breathes what she preaches. Her energy is so incredible that she makes you want to feel as good as she convinces you you can if you just take care of yourself. Thank you Lana!!!"

Rita b.*


Nutritional Therapy

"I suffered from high cholesterol, chronic cystitis and a lack of energy. The therapy helped me overcome all of it in less than 3 months. Today I feel better, energized, and healthier. What's unique is Lana's dedication and tailored support: she holds an elixir of goodness that is priceless." 

“I booked my first distance reiki session with Lana in September 2017, a little confused (but very curious and excited) about how the experience would be, as I had only done reiki in person before. Turns out, distance reiki was a much more powerful experience with a deeper level of healing for me than doing it in person. 

Lana helped me improve my self-doubt, anxiety, anger and shadows long-term. She also helped me clear out my blocked throat and solar plexus chakras. I was having terrible abdominal pain, which she could sense, so she advised a cleanse and probiotics which totally turned my battle with digestive problems around to this day. She taught me powerful grounding rituals, which I now practice daily and have taught to many friends. 

She helped equip me with effective tools that would support my personal growth on a daily basis. Whenever I feel emotional stress creeping up, I reach into my toolbox and am able to calm myself and manage it much more effectively on my own, which has increased my confidence so much. 

My reiki sessions with Lana have been incredibly spiritual. I have seen the most beautiful and vivid colours, images of myself as a child, scenery of nature and have actually cried tears of happiness because of it. Its been very cleansing and cathartic for me. 

Lana is incredibly intuitive and empathic, which is what makes her so gifted at reiki. She's able to sense and actually feel what you are experiencing and instinctively known how to help improve it. She is even able to point out potential issues that you haven't fully admitted to yourself, which is remarkable. I always feel so much lighter after my reiki sessions with Lana and couldn't recommend her enough."



Distant Healing Reiki

mohammed ali benhayoune


Nutritional Therapy

“I was lucky to meet Lana through acquaintances and by talking to her and following her blogs I came to the realisation that she is literally one of the smartest persons out there about Nutrition and by far. The consultations I had with Lana made a life changing impact on me at a critical point in my existence. On top of that what I like the most with Lana is her 360 view on all areas of self-improvement and not only nutrition having a psychological and spiritual edge that helps you connect the mind, the body and the soul and take it to the next level. Thank you so much Lana ! Lots of love."

Roxanne Rajcoomar


Nutritional Therapy


“I have suffered from stomach problems for what seems like most of my life - I never knew what it felt like to feel normal until I met Lana. We discussed my medical history in great depth, she asked lots of questions so she could build a greater understanding of my specific body and my situation.  The food plan she gave me has changed my life, I don’t suffer from all the issues I previously did and have done for years, I feel lighter, happier, and most importantly have a greater understanding of my body and what it needs and doesn’t need. I highly recommend her, she is brilliant."



Crystal Healing Workshop


"After spending yesterday evening at a crystal healing workshop with the beautiful Lana, a friend and I woke up this morning to sage the house before yoga and then placed the crystals in line with our chakras during savasana. Learning about crystal healing and vibrational medicine was so interesting and its something I've been meaning to learn more of and Lana couldn't have been a better person to explain all of this as she's one of the most knowledgable persons I've met in this field and the most down to Earth. My chakras are feeling all balanced today and I can't wait to dive into this a lot more."

Megan Rose Lane


Women's Listening Circle

"A few months a go, a lovely lady and nutritional therapist named Lana reached out to me on Instagram and gave me some really beautiful and loving advice about my skin, we had a Skype session together and she was just the most wonderful, caring and thoughtful soul. I found out that she ran a monthly women’s circle, and since I just couldn’t seem to give myself the love that I’d been needing recently, I felt drawn towards attending my first ever event. It was an intimate gathering with 9 other women in the beautiful heart of West London. A room filled with crystals, cushions, incense, love, acceptance, kindness and vulnerability (oh and the most gorgeous tiny little Maltese doggie. Heaven!)

...For every woman that spoke, I cried. I think we all did. I literally sobbed as though their problems were happening to me, and I could feel all of their pain and struggle. Family issues, self-doubt, pressure, fear of not being good enough, feeling lost. They were all recurring themes, and by the time the last person spoke it was like this huge wave of relief washed over all of us. I’d never felt so connected to 9 strangers in my entire life, and it was so reassuring to know that I wasn’t alone. In an age of separateness and a society dominated by a fiery and competitive energy, the women’s circle is a beautiful practice that seems to have been lost in Western culture. I felt nothing but love for every single woman on the planet, even the ones who have intimated me or let me down in the past. We are all so similar in so many ways, and it’s something we so often forget.

Hana El Rais



"I came to Lana for a Reiki healing session, not knowing much and only having a brief experience during her women's circles and I was drawn immediately! Not only does the room smell amazing from the moment you walk in, but you automatically feel like you're in safe hands and it is incredibly comfortable...which is so important when you're trying to heal! My first two sessions were life changing!!! Lana knew exactly when to move around me, I could feel that our energies were in sync. I was impressed the most with how she knew when I was about to get vulnerable and cry! I can honestly say that after my second session of Reiki with Lana, I felt that a particular issue that I was struggling to let go of, physically left my body during our session. I'd recommend ANYONE to try this!"